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 Oasi Perfetta room fragrance 

The olfactory notes of “OASI PERFETTA”

Room frangrance Oasi Perfetta, scent diffusers for environments with wooden stick, room spray fragrances, scented water for fabrics and scented candles.

Before starting with the olfactory notes that will help us to easily describe the perception that the Oasi Perfetta room fragrance has on us, it is fundamental to premise that the olfactory notes are divided into three large groups:

  • Top/head notes (apex of the pyramid)

  • Middle/heart notes (center of the pyramid)

  • Base notes (base of the pyramid)

Using the olfactory pyramid, let's discover these notes, going from the Top to the Middle to end up with the Base ones, of all the fragrances that characterize and distinguish this scent.

Oasi Perfetta room fragrance, with its perfumes for environments, scent diffusers with wooden sticks, room sprays fragrance, scented water for fabrics and scented candles, releases fragrances that, with its quality, affects the sensory spheres capable of stimulating an alchemical experience, protagonist of a sophisticated and contemporary scenario.

The base of the Oasi Perfetta room fragrance is made up of the oriental essence of Oud also known as "Wood of the Gods" or agarwood, a rare and precious resin that with its warm and sensual nuances has bewitched the West.

TOP notes

In the perfume "Oasi Perfetta" the top notes, the first to be perceived by our sense of smell, are the styrax, or perfume of pleasure, a resin known by the ancients that helps meditation and intensifies the other scents, lemon with its freshness and bergamot with the fragrance always used in perfumes, sensations that offer a first impression of the fragrance and dissolve almost immediately to leave room for the middle notes.

MIDDLE notes

Leather, with its typically masculine fragrance, strong warm and enveloping, the date, sweet honey with an exotic note, cedar wood with its unmistakable breeze are the notes that determine the character of the perfume and are the most persistent over time. The central part of the pyramid accompanies us for a few hours with its smells, an expression of the richness of the perfume and its "wake". This blend of fragrances is very important because it allows the top notes to persist and prepare us for the base notes.

BASE notes

They express the "personality" of the perfume and generate its loyalty in use. The tonka bean with its rich, enveloping, vanilla scent with a hint of caramel, the unmistakable oriental patchouli, the musk fragrance, sweet and delicate, labdanum, a mixture of history, poetry and charm enriched by an amber or leather sensation, all base notes which, as such, evaporate with sensual slowness and can persist for days.

The “Oasi Perfetta” room fragrance diffusers are a piece of furniture made of glass with a refined design ideal for any environment. The Oasi Perfetta perfume, with its wooden sticks diffusers, fragrant room sprays, scented water for fabrics and scented candles, offers a rich and complex profile that forms an overwhelming, delicate and stimulating aromatic charm, capable of interacting with emotions and increasing our well-being. The Oasi Perfetta room fragrance, a scent with a persuasive force more convincing than words, appearance, feeling and will that creates a welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

Impossible not to fall in love with this fragrance.

Oasi Perfetta room fragrance

Discover the Oasi Perfetta room fragrance line, diffusers with wooden sticks, a real furnishing accessory with a refined and elegant design, the practical room fragrant sprays of various sizes, the scented waters for fabrics and the scented candles in a pretty white or black satin glass that adapt well to any style. A unique and enveloping fragrance for a perfect and always appreciated gift.

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Of all the senses, the sense of smell is the one that strikes me most. How can smells and taste become a perfume, how do our nerves become nuanced, the subtle and sublime interpreters of what we cannot see or hear, what cannot be expressed with words? A smell is as immaterial as a soul. 

(Marcel Hanoun)

Exclusive line Oasi Perfetta

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