Oasi Perfetta room fragrance

The scent of an unforgettable day 


How can we feel the emotions of the most Perfumes for environments given on the occasion of your wedding.


How many memories come back to mind, the feelings that you felt while entering in that wedding dress shop, when you tried and finally found that wonderful dress that brought you to the altar. 

Unforgettable sensations that only that fragrance can evoke, the room fragrance Oasi Perfetta.

Our brain, through the receptors of the sense of smell, acts and regulates our moods and allows us to relive moments already lived.

What could be more exciting than a perfume for the environment that revives that unforgettable experience of your wedding day? An emotion that can be also shared with your guests, parents, witnesses and bridesmaids.

Room fragrance Oasi Perfetta, an exclusive limited edition, an original idea to give as a very useful wedding favor or have it given by loved ones to prolong that feeling of lightness, happiness and well-being that you experienced in those unique and magical moments of the preparations for your wedding.

Room fragrance Oasi Perfetta, that perfume of happiness that has gently lain on your beautiful wedding dress, which has made you dream and has never left.
The sense of smell stimulated by a perfume, in fact, is the one that par excellence has the power to awaken indescribable sensations in the mind by transporting us to that place and at a different time, and that is what usually affects us most.

Perfumes have the power to influence our mood, sweeten our nights and they are rooted in our memory.

Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting…

Diane Ackerman

Oasi Perfetta room fragrance, the scent of that sweet memory

We take care of our past and future spouses, to the point that we wanted to enclose the emotion of that special day in a glass bottle.

Oasi Perfetta home fragrance 

A gift idea for future spouses to relive the same sensations of that special day.

If you have been, you will be, or you are a “Sposa Perfetta” or a “L’uomo di Sposa Perfetta” client, then you certainly remember when, entering the atelier, you were greeted by a light caress, a scent that if you feel it today certainly makes you relive that moment, and hence the dress fitting. Magic moments related to the most beautiful day of your life and to that wonderful dress with which you feel like a queen or king.

With the Oasi Perfetta home fragrance, we wanted to capture that emotion and trap the memories of a very special day, wanting to put the perfume of your dreams in a container, to give you a perfect oasis in the warmth of your home making it even more welcoming and comfortable. The perfume for the environment "Oasi Perfetta" was conceived and created, after various solicitations by those who were able to try it by coming to visit us, for bringing you back to the emotion of that special moment, recalling the heartbeat that it caused.

A note of fragrance that touches you, that wraps you in a warm embrace, which immerses you in the memory of the most beautiful day. Oasi Perfetta room fragrance, for the spouses of the past and the future ones, is precisely the fragrance that accompanies them throughout the dress-fitting period, until the wedding day.

A journey to discover the "PERFECT OASIS"

Discover the olfactory notes of Oasi Perfetta

Oasi Perfetta room fragrance

To understand the character of Oasi Perfetta, we invite you to read in detail the analysis of the olfactory pyramid with its notes that determine the degree of evaporation of the components and their persistence consisting of the three levels head, heart, and bottom, which allow you to describe the architecture of this fragrance. 

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Oasi Perfetta, impossible not to fall in love with this fragrance

If you are thinking of giving a little present and want to be original, give something magical: Oasi Perfetta home fragrance, a perfect gift that will certainly amaze.

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Oasi Perfetta

The perfect room fragrance

Discover the Oasi Perfetta line, with diffusers for environments, scented waters for fabrics, with an elegant design that suitable for any style.

Discover the exclusive line

Oasi Perfetta

The diffusers for environments with wooden sticks, refined and of various sizes, the scented candles and the practical sprays perfumes. A unique and enveloping fragrance for a perfect and always appreciated gift.

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Exclusive line Oasi Perfetta



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