Oasi Perfetta room fragrance 

“Oasi Perfetta” an exclusive line

The perfect fragrance for your home

A space perfumed with the right fragrance allows us to create a unique universe capable of moving and making us dream, it has the power to influence our mood, sweeten our nights and imbue our memory.

Oasi Perfetta offers its exclusive line, in limited edition, wooden stick diffusers for environments, room spray fragrance, perfumes for fabrics and scented candles.

Room fragrances of the highest quality 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Oasi Perfetta, a scent that envelops and intoxicates your home. A fragrance that, thanks to the wooden stick diffusers, knows how to gently caress the soul and root itself in memory, remaining indelible over the years. "Oasi Perfetta”, fragrance that in a few seconds spreads a pleasant sensation in the environment.

The perfect fragrance for your environments.

Room fragrance diffusers with sticks

diffuser with wooden sticks, exclusive furnishing complement

Simple to use, the diffusers with the sticks spread an intoxicating fragrance into the room, a scent that diffuses delicately. Glass containers with fine wooden sticks. 100% made in Italy fragrance

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Room spray fragrances

The perfect fragrance for your rooms.

Oasi Perfetta, impossible not to fall in love with this fragrance.

Discover the practical line Oasi Perfetta, spray for environments.

Spray for environments of the highest quality. 100% MADE IN ITALY. The first line of "Oasi Perfetta", a limited and exclusive edition, the perfect home fragrance.

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The magic of scented candles

A sober but at the same time elegant object that decorates every corner of your home.

Elegant glass in white or black with a wooden lid.

The refinement of a lit candle that gives off a delicate fragrance and creates, as if by magic, a romantic atmosphere.

The Oasi Perfetta scented candle instills a sense of peace and well-being, relaxing at the right point with its pleasant fragrance that makes your home cozy.

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Scented water spray for fabrics

Discover the practical line of Oasi Perfetta sprays for fabrics

Scented laundry is a beautiful sensation: but how can you perfume laundry?

Simply use the perfumed water for fabrics "Perfect Oasis", with its delicate fragrance it gives the clothing a note of poetry.

Ideal for perfuming fabrics such as curtains, rugs, sofas, car interiors and clothing.

A perfume for fabrics of the highest quality 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Try the scented water for Oasi Perfetta fabrics, a unique and enveloping fragrance, for a perfect gift.

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Exclusive line Oasi Perfetta


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