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Dresses for Bridesmaids Dresses for Pageboys

Custom made dresses for bridesmaids and groomsmen

Bridesmaids and pageboys accompanying the bride and groom create a colorful backdrop, adding grace and awakening a loving tenderness and smiles to all the guests.

The role of bridesmaid or pageboy can be reserved for younger sisters or brothers or the bride and groom's children as is often the case.

The younger bridesmaids can be the princesses of your wedding wrapped in a soft tulle dress or soft silk, happy to walk down the aisle, while the boys in the role of pageboy will have the right opportunity to show off an elegant dress as true gentlemen of yesteryear.

Even the smallest girls can have their dream bridesmaid dress?

For the smallest bridesmaids the solutions are truly endless, making the bridesmaid dress for the girls in a handmade and tailored with a wide choice of fabrics for a ceremony dress so beautiful to move for tenderness and candor. Tulle dresses, dresses for small colored bridesmaids to give a touch of joy, elegant clothes but at the same time comfortable for our little guests, even for less formal weddings made in the countryside or weddings celebrated by the sea.

Even the smallest will be as beautiful as the princesses of a fairy tale.

The clothing of bridesmaids and groomsmen is very important, because it helps to make the atmosphere of the ceremony even more magical. Sposa Perfetta and its staff will be able to make dresses in line with the style of the bride and groom so that everything is perfect.

To the bridesmaids and groomsmen is often reserved, in addition, the task of carrying the wedding rings on a wedding ring pillow, available on our online shop in various soft fabrics surrounded by lace and lace as a romantic bride would like.

The bridesmaid and bridesmaid friends


 The dearest friends who will have the honor of being your bridesmaids and be at your side, will support you in the preparations so that your wedding will be unforgettable. They will have to be up to your elegance and that is why you will be the one to choose their dress that may not be the same, but will be coordinated with your dress with shades of the same color or in classic pastel shades.  

You can opt for a delicate and impalpable long dress or a nice short dress or even a fluffy dress, all wisely chosen to enhance and bring out their beauty. Nothing must be left to chance, every single detail will be under the eyes of all the guests and for this reason everything must be magnificently perfect so that the most beautiful day of your life remains indelible and unforgettable in your heart and in the minds of your guests.


Dresses for bridesmaids and groomsmen

tailor made

The dress for the girls and boys is made by our artisan tailor is created with an infinite choice of fabrics to highlight their tenderness and candor.

Bridesmaids and pageboys accompanying the bride and groom create a colorful backdrop, adding grace and awakening aloving tenderness and smiles to all the guests.

Abiti realizzati su misura per damigelle e per paggetti, di tutte le età, creazioni uniche

he most exciting moment is the entrance of the bride and if it will be accompanied by small and tender boys and princesses, it will be truly unforgettable ...

Perfect Bride

The tenderness and sweetness of the bridesmaids and page boys will make your special day even more magical Perfect Bride

Wedding ring pillow

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are often tasked with carrying the wedding rings on a pillow wedding ring holder, visit our SHOP ONLINE, you will find a wide selection of handmade pillows in various fine fabrics, embroidered or lace. Discover our models and choose the one that will make even more magical that special moment.

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