Curvy Wedding Dresses

The curvy wedding dress 


Long live women with soft shapes who are aware of their physicality! Women are beautiful always, beyond size, and a bride is beautiful for her smile, her heartbeat, her emotion.


If you have a prosperous physique with curves reminiscent of the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love that the Romans identified with Venus, there are beautiful curvy wedding dresses that fit your body perfectly and will make your wedding day even more special.


We are talking about models made to highlight the bride's shape and her strengths, with an authentic touch of style that will attract the admiration of the guests. Garments different from each other in terms of fabrics and design, but all created to emphasize the charm and soft roundness of the body.

A curvy wedding dress to enhance your body

Every woman has her own physique, and therefore her ideal wedding dress. There are really elegant and refined models, beautiful curvy wedding dresses that fit perfectly to the body, models with soft lines that enhance the curves and sinuosity.  


Precious fabrics, lace and embroidery sewn to perfection as masterpieces, each suited to the style and design to enhance the beauty of the wearer. 


Our atelier offers exclusive models, made with the best fabrics and designed for any type of body type: this means that elegance and style are the hallmark of each of our dresses, which - thanks to the volumes, accessories and shape - will enhance the charm of the bride on her most beautiful day.


An essential element of curvy wedding dresses are the necklines: think, for example, to those heart or round V that enhance the neckline and give an effect of class and sophistication to the dress.

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The perfect curvy wedding dress


The curvy wedding dress for us means elegance and beauty combined with comfort and simplicity, with refined details that embellish the garment and express the characteristics of the bride with simplicity and naturalness.

Yes, this is the secret! Every bride will choose the dress that embodies her personality, her character, her way of being: in a word, her uniqueness.

Thanks to a wide variety of models and fabrics, each woman will be able to choose the dress that can enhance their strengths and qualities, making it even more fascinating and seductive, on the occasion of her special day. 

In short, any woman will shine on her wedding day, being able to count on a curvy wedding dress that fits perfectly.

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